What is a Wellness Business Marketing Strategy?

When you set off on the start of this wellness business journey, you did it because you had a passion and you wanted to share it with your community. You found the building, the staff, and the products, and put everything in motion. However, turning your knowledge and dedication into a profitable wellness business requires a marketing strategy.

What is a Marketing Strategy?

A marketing strategy is a plan designed to promote a company’s goals to garner a profit. It encompasses a company’s marketing goals and objectives and streamlines them into one plan. Once a good marketing strategy is developed, all of a company’s best marketing methods can be rolled out.

What are the Benefits of a Marketing Strategy?

As a wellness business owner, taking the time to develop a marketing strategy can benefit you in many ways down the line, including:

Developing sustainable growth for the company

Hearing what the customer wants

Meeting the customer’s needs and expectations 

Strengthening relations with the target market

Brand recognition 

Increased sales


Marketing Plan vs. Marketing Strategy?

Many times, people confuse the marketing plan with the marketing strategy. When you are marketing your wellness business, your marketing plan is how you roll out your marketing strategy. In other words, your marketing strategy is the ‘what’ you roll out, and the marketing plan is the ‘how.’


How Do You Create A Marketing Strategy?

Determine customer groups

Position yourself



Characterize your customer groups – Do your market research and see who your customers are and how you meet their needs. Are you matching their wants? Are you doing it more effectively than your rivals? Building customer loyalty is critical to long-term success.

Targeting the correct market segments – Are you positioned correctly in the market? Are your products and services reaching the correct market segments that you have chosen as your profit leaders? Marketing your wellness business to the correct audience is critical.

Advertising and promotions – Once you know your target group, how do you let them know about your product and services? You also have to let them know how your wellness product and services can meet their needs. Think about advertising, digital marketing, giveaways, and other methods of alerting the community to your wellness business.

Evaluation and assessment – Make sure to review and assess your marketing strategy to determine if your wellness business marketing is working as you envisioned. Once you have, you can see if you can utilize it as a template for future marketing strategies or if you need to refine your marketing wellness business plan.

A marketing strategy can take marketing your wellness business and grow your business beyond your wildest dreams. It has the overarching vision of where you want your wellness business to go and then allows you to take your marketing plan and make it actionable. If you’re unsure how to make a marketing strategy to take your wellness business to the next level, consider hiring a wellness business coach who can assist you with making your dream a reality.