Dr. Jennifer Bonde

Optimize what you have so you can: work lesssellretire or start something new.

With my guidance, you can achieve a rewarding and profitable business. This isn’t your typical coaching program, focusing solely on finding your next client and boosting patient numbers. Instead, I’m here to help doctors like you take control of their business and take back their freedom.

My coaching program is for those who are serious about their business growth and acumen. We’ll dive into your long-term vision and develop your action plan. You’ll learn to make future decisions that will allow you to spend less time in your business and still make as much or MORE money.

​Dr. Bonde received her Bachelor of Science and Doctorate degrees at Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, MO. In addition, she holds a postgraduate certificate in Applied Kinesiology and has completed two years of postgraduate neurology.

Dr. Bonde is the founder and director of the Birmingham Wellness Center, which began its journey in 1996. The center opened its doors in 1998 and now employs a staff of fifteen. Additionally, from 2012 – 2020, she was the CEO, managing partner, and co-founder of Best of Organic, LLC, DBA DrKellyann.com.

She is an expert in merging mass media, digital content, and product strategies. As the business leader of DrKellyann.com she was responsible for scaling the company. Dr. Bonde’s roles also included spearheading online marketing, managing production and content development, and developing revenue sources. In addition, she oversaw the strategic direction and management of the team, demonstrating strong leadership skills. Dr. Bonde was instrumental in taking the company from its beginnings to a robust multi-channel CPG company before the company was sold in September 2020.

Dr. Bonde is passionate about helping doctors and wellness professionals become visible in the marketplace. Through her consulting business, WellBiz360.com, she helps them find their financial freedom while supporting the development of their path towards a long-term exit strategy.

With her vast knowledge and experience, Dr. Bonde offers her expertise through WellBiz360 through:

  • Helping you discover your leverageable assets to grow your business without working harder
  • Mapping out your end game, so all future decisions work toward that goal
  • Helping you recognize when it’s time to bring on new team members and if your finances can support the expansion

Dr. Bonde understands the frustrations and challenges of your business. Together, you will create a road map with actionable steps you can take towards a rewarding and profitable future.