How to Choose Your Business Goals


Planning goals for your healthcare practice is imperative to your success. It lays the foundation for the future of your practice, your employees, and your patients. So how do you choose which goals are the best fit for your practice? That’s where I come in. As a healthcare business coach, I will ensure your goals are aligned with your vision and help you stay on track to achieve them. 


3 Business Goals for Your Healthcare Practice:



Work smarter, not harder

Financial planning


Goal #1: KPIs


Key performance indicators (KPIs) measure performance and if a company is achieving its key business goals. In a healthcare business, KPIs can measure all healthcare processes to increase satisfaction. These indicators are used to track your progress towards a goal. KPIs can include patient follow-up rate, patient turnover, and employee turnover. 


As a healthcare business coach, my job is to help you set your KPIs and ensure they are being met. If things have changed, they are adjustable as well. By knowing the status of your goals and consistently measuring the success of your practice, we can work together to ensure everything stays on track, and you can start working smarter, not harder.


Goal #2: Work Smarter, Not Harder


The time for working harder than you need to is over. Now it’s time to maximize your skills and work smarter. You can accomplish all your business goals without feeling stressed or overworked. Giving 100% doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your personal life, free time, or anything in between. 


I can help you navigate where most of your time is being spent and start helping you look at ways to reduce the amount of time and energy you are dedicating to it. This could be anything from simple process changes to hiring new team members to help manage the day-to-day tasks. By focusing on working smarter, you gain a positive atmosphere for your team, better alignment towards your goals, and improved mental and physical health.


Goal #3: Financial Planning


I know money is a major stressor for many healthcare business owners. So how do you avoid falling into that same category after starting your own practice? Know your worth, know your skills, and know your audience. 


It may not be one size fits all, but charging the right price for your expertise and knowledge is something many are afraid to do. You worked hard, and you deserve to be paid accordingly. 


Each healthcare professional who opens a healthcare practice generally has a specific patient base in mind. As a healthcare business coach, my job is to sell you to your desired audience, so you don’t undersell your skills or experience. As we work to plan your financial goals for your healthcare practice, I can help you achieve them without sacrificing your skills or prices.


Your business goals are meant to ensure you stay on track to achieve your retirement goals, run a successful healthcare practice, and still have time for yourself. So, if you haven’t mapped out your goals, reach out to me today. We will work together to ensure you are one step closer to success (and retirement) every day!