It’s time to stop working harder and commit to working smarter. Embrace the possibility of scaling your healthcare business without feeling chained to it. When you change your mindset and ignore the myths holding you back, you’ll realize you CAN work less, live more, and still have a thriving healthcare business. 


The top 3 myths of running a healthcare business include:


  1. YOU must directly treat every patient to have a successful healthcare practice.
  2. You’re a doctor, not a business owner.
  3. You won’t find financial freedom unless you work harder and longer than others


Myth #1 YOU must directly treat every patient to have a successful healthcare practice.


Living by this belief will only drive you to burnout. You will never find the extra time in a day to fill your practice with more patients if you are determined to treat each of them yourself. When you accept you can’t scale your business without expanding your team, you open up the doors to personal, professional, and financial freedom.


When you recognize your healthcare business is ready to scale, you begin to take control of the reins. By leveraging your own time, you can get excited about your healthcare practice again. Put your energy behind cultivating a team that embodies your practices and beliefs. Doing so will allow you to indirectly touch each patient through your team, permitting yourself to enjoy living your life outside your office.


Myth #2 You’re a doctor, not a business owner.


The most successful healthcare businesses are those run by doctors who understand the two are mutually exclusive. However, opening the doors to your own practice comes with the need to wear many hats. 


Stepping into the role of a business owner is certainly not an area of focus in school. Yet, to fulfill your dreams of creating a thriving healthcare practice, you’ll need to develop and embrace savvy business skills. Accepting these two roles go hand-in-hand will put you one step closer to creating the healthcare business and future you dream of. 


A thriving healthcare provider must take on many roles, including:


  • recruiting
  • hiring/firing
  • training
  • accounting
  • marketing


Myth #3 You won’t find financial freedom unless you work harder and longer than others.


You need to work smarter, NOT harder. While it may seem easier said than done, it’s the mindset you must learn to adapt if you’re going to thrive. Putting your patients’ needs first begins with offering them the best of yourself. If you’re overworked, understaffed, and dissatisfied with the direction your practice is headed, this will reflect on your interactions with and care for your patients. 


Instead, you must envision your endgame and develop your roadmap to get there. Recognize the need to expand so that you may open your doors to more patients. Step back from the daily grind of seeing each patient yourself and focus some of that energy on sharing your knowledge and reaching more people. When you let go of the idea that you need to be in the trenches to reach financial freedom, you’ll unlock the secret to working less, living more, and climbing out of debt faster than you ever thought possible. 


Running YOUR Healthcare Practice on YOUR Terms


Debunking these top three myths of running a successful, profitable healthcare practice will set you free. You’ll be free of the ties that bind you to your office every day for hours on end. You’ll be free of the belief that financial freedom does not come without sacrificing your personal life, health, and happiness. Changing your mindset will change the future of your practice and set you up for success. 


Only when you take control by taking a step back will you reap the rewards you once dreamed of when you opened your healthcare practice. So let’s take that journey together and create a better way to achieve your goals.